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The New Church: 2016 onwards


By November 2016 the attempt to redevelop North Westgate – the part of the city centre immediately around the church - had ground to a halt. While it was possible development might be renewed in future years, the church considered it would be inconsistent with God’s mission to Peterborough to simply await developments. The city centre and immediate surrounds were attracting new housing, while we were seeing significant social deprivation among many who passed our doors.  The congregation itself was aging and declining in numbers. It was considered time to redefine our church premises, slim down, and better equip ourselves for Mission in our city.


The historic (Victorian) church was put on the market and is being sold to an emerging congregation, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. A building on our premises, previously known as Centre 68, has been refurbished to form premises for our own congregation. While more compact, these premises are modern and comfortable, and require less upkeep. We believe they will allow the congregation to better focus on our part in God’s Mission to Peterborough – mission to the disadvantaged and to those affected by social changes, ill health or poverty, as well as those for whom the material world has displaced any spiritual dimension in their lives.


The New Westgate Church:


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