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Westgate New Church is a joint church embracing Methodist and United Reformed traditions, which since 1988 has operated with an alternating ministry. Our present minister is Revd Dr Langley Mackrell-Hey (Methodist), who has been here since September 2019. He also serves Whittlesey Queen Street Methodist and United Reformed Church, and has oversight of an additional two churches and an online chrisitan community - Livestream. Within Methodism, ministers often serve across multiple churches, and work in partnership with specially trained and commissioned Local Preachers and Worship Leaders who deliver worship on a regualr basis. At Westgate New Church, Nigel Lightfoot is serving currently as our preaching co-ordinator. 


Ministers of Westgate New Church are called by the Church Council acting on behalf of the membership, following recommendation by denominational authorities (URC or Methodist).


Church Council 

The Church Council is the body that guides the life of the church, ensuring procedures are in place to monitor everything from the spiritual side to finance and building maintenance. It consists of ten church members elected by the church meeting (see below) for a period of three years (extendable to six). Meetings are held at least quarterly and are chaired by the minister or, in her absence, by one of the members. Church officers are appointed by the church council. Senior positions (Church Secretary, Church Accountant, Property Committee Chair and Pastoral Group Convenor) are appointed from within the membership of the church council, other church officers from within the membership of the church.


The Church building and the Manse are owned by the national United Reformed Church, with a minority interest by the Methodist Church. The church council acts as "local trust", exercising the responsibility of the churches for maintenance of the premises. That responsibility does not however extend to the manse (minister's residence, owned by the United Reformed Church).


Church Meeting

A church meeting, open to all members and regular attenders at worship, is held at least quarterly. [Note: Westgate New Church holds a membership roll; members may be Methodist or URC or (where membership has initiated after 1988) joint members of both denomiations. Although all regular attenders are welcome at church meetings only members are allowed to vote on resolutions.]


Church Council members are elected by the church meeting. The church meeting consults on all aspects of church life and makes recommendations to the Church Council. While recommendations are not binding on the Church Council it is constitutionally required to consider them.


Pastoral Care

Pastoral care for members and friends of the church is undertaken by pastoral visitors, each responsible for a list of members, in association with the minister.  Pastoral visitors are co-ordinated by a Pastoral Group Convenor, who is a member of the church council. Messages for the Pastoral Group Convenor may be sent through the Contact Us page.



Lay people in the church are able to train and qualify to lead worship in one of two categries:


Methodist Local Preachers or URC Lay Preachers are qualified to lead worship and preach in any Methodist or United Reformed Church. We currently have two people in this category.

Methodist Worship Leaders are qualified to lead worship in our own church but not to preach.  We have two people in this category, who customarily work alongside ministers or lay preachers appointed to preach, sharing part of the non-preaching part of the service with the appointed minister / preacher.

During a period of URC leadership of the church all church members may by request lead worship and preach (but not celebrate Holy Communion). Lay people and ministers from other churches may also on request lead services.


All members of the church, whether of a United Reformed or Methodist background, can qualify as preachers or worship leaders, subject to training and approval.


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